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El Yunque, Puerto Rico 2006

El Yunque 2013

Welcome to Gilbert Boas, a site full of information and showcasing the beautiful boas that find their homes here.

Gilbert Boas is a joint collaboration involving the Boa constrictor collections of both Christopher and Shawn Gilbert.

If you are unsure where to look for pictures and information regarding a locale or morph you are interested in learning about please visit the "Boa List" link as it will provide you with a reference outline and information on every locality and morph.

Involved in the Boa hobby since 2004, the first version of this site was launched in 2007 before the first Boa constrictor litter born here.  Each year we strive to bring unique litters to the hobby that are not the common place productions seen elsewhere in the market.  From rare documented localities to highly selective morph projects that lay the groundwork for brand new works of art.  The primary version of the current site was launched fall of 2008, refreshing the layout and design.

Compiled and written by Christopher Gilbert, © Gilbert Boas 2008-2017                                      Contact: Chris.GilbertBoa@gmail.com