Euro Squaretail

The Squaretail morph is a recessive mutation in Colombian boas.  Although there are other boas that are labeled as "square tails" on a descriptive basis, this is a true proven recessive mutation.  Brought into the US by a few breeders, Peter Kahl and Gray Rushin have pioneered the project in the United States.  Characteristics are clean base, and contrasting pattern.  The pattern is similar to Arabesque boas.  There are multiple "types" of this morph.  Related to Kubsch pastels, many show intense color typical of that line.  While some Squaretails are not as colorful.  Essentially, due to relation to the Kubsch Pastels, some Squaretails also have the same pastel trait, while others do not.  Pattern strength can vary as well.  More information can be found on and

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