Boa constrictor amarali

B.c.amarali are one of the very unique subspecies of Boa constrictor.  Between their short tails, broad-flat heads, and thick bodies these are morphologically different than any other Boa subspecies.  Amarali inhabit two countries in South America.  Referenced by many in herpetoculture as the Short-tail boas.

Taxonomic data: Stull 1932; scale counts 71-79 dorsal rows; 226-237 ventral scales; 43-52 subcaudal; average 22 dorsal blotches to vent.

Bolivian Amarali in the United States can all trace their origin back to Joe Terry.  There are 4 original lines, the '86, '87, '89 and Silverback.  In crossing the '86 x '89 lines some beautiful colored boas were produced that were named Orange Crush.  With these 5 groups breeders have mixed and selectively bred for some incredible boas.

South Brazilian amarali in the U.S. come from two lines, the Lloyde Lemke and Kerry King lines.  True South Brazilian Amarali are much rarer than their Bolivian counterparts in the United States and the King line by far the hardest to obtain.

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