Boa imperator sabogae

Pearl Island boas are a unique insular locale endemic to the Pearl Islands off of Panama.  Sabogae inhabit a few islands off of the coast of Panama.  The majority of the Sabogae in US collections stem from these Islands and not the Pearl Islands.  One gentleman was given permission to collect boas from the Pearl Islands for captive breeding.  The owner of Zoocriadero in Grecia, Alajuela, CR obtained permission by the Panamanian government, the controlling body of the Pearl Islands, to go there and collect boas for a captive breeding program.  The Serpentarium is federally recognized in Costa Rica.  Since breeding them in captivity he has been able to obtain export permits and is the sole source for founding bloodline Pearl Island boas.

The shipments coming in from Panama in recent years have had a few Sabogae.  The first group in '05 had 3.  The most recent shipment also contained a few Sabogae.  The direct location is unknown, and they may have illegally been added to the export quota.  Other islands closer to the Panamanian mainland have populations of Sabogae, but it is important to remember they are not Pearl Island boas.

Taxonomic data: Barbour 1906; scale count 65-67 dorsal rows; 214-247 ventrals; 49-70 subcaudals.

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