About Shawn

Hello and welcome to Gilbert Boas.  My name is Shawn Gilbert.  I am 59 years old, and along with my wonderful wife Helga, have three great children.  Ian is the youngest followed by his sister Ashley and, of course, Christopher who is the oldest and my partner in this collaboration.

Let me start off by saying make no mistake about it, Christopher is the expert in this group.  He is also the networker of the pair as I'm sure you recognize him from the various forums.  While I read and follow most of what goes on, I very rarely contribute to posts.  I graduated high school in 1980 and left immediately for The United States Military Academy at West Point.  I served on active duty with the 1st Bn 504th Parachute Infantry regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division, then later in the National Guard with the 19th Special Forces Group.  Upon leaving the military, I began service in the Pennsylvania State Police as a Trooper from which I retired in April of 2010.

I have always been fascinated by reptiles but knew I would never have garnered parental support for any endeavor such as this.  When Christopher started showing interest, I put my full support behind him, which eventually grew into what you now see as Gilbert Boas.

While the focus of our collection will revolve around Boa,  I cannot get away from a fascination with the growing and seemingly endless combination of Ball Python Morphs.  I began raising a stable of Female Ball Pythons in 2004 and immediately started to visualize the male morphs they would be bred to based on color and pattern.  Our goal will be to help refine even the most common Co-Dominant morphs by selecting the most appropriate mate.  I think there has been too little emphasis on selective breeding with BP's as some have simply chosen to mass produce for the quickest and largest return for their money.

We hope you enjoy the various links and information sections associated with the Gilbert Boas website.  

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