This morph was first created by breeding Boawoman Hypo/Carmel X Sharp Albino.  The F1 should have been double heterozygous for both mutations, however the result was the Paradigm.

My original theory on this morph was that the Sharp and Carmel mutations are related and that essentially the Paradigm is a third homozygous phenotype.  One thing that Mike and I both thought would occur is that a Paradigm X Normal would produce a 50/50 split of Het Carmel and Het Sharp.  A clue to how things will result came from Ball Pythons.  If you breed Lesser X Lesser you get a Blue eyed white snake.  If you breed Mojave X Mojave you get the same thing but it has a purple tint.  If you breed Mojave X Lesser you also get a White.  If you breed one of these Blue Eyed-Whites from a Lesser X Mojave to a Normal you get a 50/50 split of Mojave and Lesser.  Which are (while visual mutation) Hets for each.  So Paradigm X Normal will produce a 50/50 split of hets for each parent morph.

Originated by Mike Weitzman, more information is available at the following link: The Paradigm Boa

More pictures available at: Paradigm Photo Gallery

The Paradigm seems to be some form of T+ Albino, but should not be confused with the VPI T+ Carmel Albino.

In 2008 the breeding trials were accomplished by Mike to prove my original theory on inheritance with this morph, which I first published on the boa forum when the morph was revealed.  With Paradigm X Paradigm producing 50% Paradigm, 25% Sharp and 25% Caramel.

A Paradigm made with the Prodigy & Sharp is referred to as a Paradise.

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